Our Strategy

Somnu's process to creating fruitful social media campaigns

It starts with integration.

We integrate all social media outlets with your website. This is done through small snippets of code added to your website’s header. Don’t have a website? We can make you one!

Then we pinpoint your customers.

We learn who your ideal customers are, and we create a refined plan to target them through images, video, text, & color.

Then we post.

We post the content we created with strategic timing, and we interact with your followers through comments and messages.

Then a social media audit.

During our social media audit we tally up all of your current social media interactions across all of your platforms (likes, comments, shares). We use this data to create performance metrics of your business’s social media accounts before Somnu takes control.

Next is content creation.

We create photo and video content with you through our VPaaS system. This is on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis based on your schedule.

What’s VPaaS?

When you choose Somnu as your social media management partner your business gets full access to Somnu’s VPaaS program. VPaaS is videography and photography as a service, and what it means is your business has unlimited access to a photographer/videographer for your business needs. From company parties to VLOGs and product shoots, Somnu will be there to be your content capturers.


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