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Being born & raised in Orange County California Peter was exposed to some of the world’s finest brands & marketing campaigns; from luxury vehicles & fashion brands to adventures sports brands and professional athletics; Peter has spent his lifetime studying, analyzing, and engaging with high-caliber marketing campaigns. Peter attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada where he played Canadian football and studied graphic design. During his time at UBC Peter built a strong relationship with the environment & humanity as a whole. To this day he takes pride in his philanthropic work for less privileged communities & the environment. Peter started Somnu Medias in 2018 to help local businesses grow their digital marketing efforts.

Hailing from a big family who love sports in a small town, Spencer was born and raised in Farmington, Utah. Surrounded by ambition, Spencer instantly made a change by moving to the Netherlands at age 18 to focus on volunteer work and to start understanding different cultures. During his time there he also learned to speak Dutch fluently! After moving back to the states two years later Spencer instantly dove into the working atmosphere to learn customer relationships, sales, marketing, media, and the arts. Spencer contributes to a personal blog often! Check it out here. With a growing passion for people, photography, and media, Spencer started working with Somnu Medias in 2020 to further his efforts to improving businesses visually, creatively, and with constant innovation.



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